Advancing paediatric surgery through education and research


1.Hugh Greenwood BAPS  Neonatal Skills  Course Rwanda 2018


This is the 3th Preconference training course for the COSECSA meeting. The venue was the Kigali National Hospital Skills laboratory in Kigali Rwanda.


The faculty included:


Haitham Dagash , Merrill McHoney, Kokila Lakhoo


Edmond Ntaganda, Vivian Ntabela


There were 18 participants from 12 countries and mixed group of paediatric surgery trainees,general surgery trainees and 4 medical students with interest in paediatric surgery.We design the course for 3 levels of skills : the specialist paediatric surgeon,general surgeon with interest in childrens surgery and medical students. The skill level of the participants was high and the discussions very lively. We were impressed even by the medical students knowledge and skill set. The content included stitching,knot tying, bowel anastomosis, gastrostomy, discrepancy anastomosis, duodenal atresia and TOF model with discussions around the topics.

Local organisation:

The local organisation was good with a technician at our disposal in preparing tissue and setting out for the course.The course was delivered at a high standard and has become very popular as reflected in the feedback below

18 responders positive improvement comments
Relevance of course 100% Relevant to all participants training as the course was delivered for 3 levels of expertise
Course content


100% Extramucosal is great technique.

Better anastomosis

Discrepancy anastomosis was good

2. gastrostomy 100% Good suture size

Medical students enjoyed this model and found it most useful

3. duodenal atresia 100% Learnt new technique

Understood concept

Tricky but excellent technique

4. TOF 92% Enjoyed challenge

Chest cavity model  avoided cheating

Some chest walls  were too deep

5. Stitching and knot tying  for medical students 100% We want to be children’s surgeons now. Thank you for including us. We know how to secure a chest drain and do paediatric skin stitching
6. bowel anastomosis for    Medical students 100% We had excellent material. We learnt new techniques and learnt to stitch 
Course generally 91% Need more models

Run over 2 days 

Run in other countries

Need more models

Run over 2 days

Organisation by LOC 96% Powerpoint facilities

Would have been useful

(we were short changed by 2 other courses using the projector)

Course delivered well on white board and markers


The course ended at 6 pm. We had an interactive discussion on all the topics and  COSECSA is in discussion with the COSECSA council and examination board to use this course as a prerequisite for the COSECSA paediatric surgery fellowship  examinations.

2. Paediatric Surgery Fellowship Exams

Professor Lakhoo was the external examiner for the above exams. There were 4 candidates from Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Zambia. All four passed and presented a high level of clinical and theoretical knowledge. The examiners meeting revised the sample questions and clinical scenarios  as they were 7 years old.   I  provided clear information on standard setting , briefing of new examiners and observers who are examiners for 2019. Rules for examiner selection was set and 3 examiners were moved to the membership exams.

Prepared by

Prof. Kokila Lakhoo

IAC Chair